Thursday, July 05, 2007

Downtown Phoenix Project List

[list updated December 20, 2014]

Below is an attempt to list the current, future, and already completed projects. The list is not static as I'm sure I've missed some projects (especially in the "rumored" category). I also tried to draw a line and only included projects finished after 2000 in and around downtown (south of I-10, between about Tenth Street and Tenth Avenue, and north of Lincoln), and I excluded single-family home renovations-- there are just too many to list. Your input is always welcome...

Under Construction (as of December 20, 2014)

1. Townhomes on 3rd (10 townhomes), Third Avenue south of Roosevelt Street

[none as of this time]

1. Foundry Hotel, total rooms unknown, Central Avenue and Portland Street
2. Mariott Hotel, 320 rooms, Central Avenue and Jefferson Street

1. ASU School of Law, Second Street and Taylor Street

1. Hanny's renovation, restaurant in rehabbed department store, First Street and Adams Street
2. Security Building, first floor renovation

Yet to break ground/rumored (as of April 29, 2008)

1. Portland on the Park, 170 condos/four buildings up to 14 stories, roughly Second Avenue and Portland Street
2. Phoenix Transit Center apartments, 476 apartments/34 floors, Central Avenue and Van Buren Street
3. Roosevelt Street apartment project, Third Street and Roosevelt (south side)
4. Roosevelt Street apartment project, Third Street and Roosevelt (north side)


1. Hilton Garden Inn, Central Avenue and Monroe Street

Completed [this section under development]

Residential1. 215 McKinley (2007), 12 condos, Second Street and McKinley Street
2. Stadium Lofts (2005), approx. 30 condos, Second Street and Buchanon Street
3. Artisan Village (2005), 105 condos, square bounded by Seventh Street and Fifth Street and Roosevelt Street and Portland Street
4. Orpheum Lofts (2005), 88 condos, First Avenue and Adams Street
5. Fontenelle Lofts (2005), 7 condos, Third Avenue and Roosevelt
6. Roosevelt Commons (2004), 48 apartments, Fifth and Sixth Streets at Roosevelt Street
7. Lofts at Fillmore (2000), 18 condos, Second Avenue and Fillmore
8. Roosevelt Square (2000), 414 apartments and 10-15 condos, square bounded by Central Avenue and Third Avenue, Roosevelt Street and Portland Street
9. Portland Place Phase I (2007), 54 condos/6 stories, Third Avenue and Portland Street.
10. PRD 845 (2007), 12 condos/4 stories, Seventh Avenue and Roosevelt Street
11. Summit (2008), 165 condos, Third Street and Jackson Street.
12. CityScape apartments (2014), Central Avenue and Jefferson Street

1. Phelps Dodge Tower (2001), Central Avenue and Washington Street
2. Collier Center (2000), Third Street and Washington Street

* = development offends historic preservation standards or other sound urban planning principles


Anonymous said...

There's so much going on that the Republic reports a shortage of cranes:

What about the Jackson Street Entertainment District? Should that be added to the list?

downtown_resident said...

You're right, Jackson Street Entertainment District should be added. I'm sure I missed a bunch, but it's a work in progress.

Alan Daniels said...

Outstanding blog! Commercial real estate has definitely been booming lately. We have seen alot of the same type of projects in Denver and Colorado Springs.
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wizkid said...

"Desert Sun project, 200 condos/8 stories plus commercial, Grand Avenue and Roosevelt Street*"

this project offends historic preservation efforts?!!!

and the prostitutes, gangsters, drunks, and drug dealers don't?

That hotel is the singular reason why Grand Ave does not have foot traffic. It looks like something out of a mad max movie. It is a fact that various drunks actually camp out with a mattress behind this hotel. No one does anything because no one wants to even look at this place. These problem in turn lead to less-than-desirable residents in the area just west that is also classed as a historic region.

I'd be interested to know who is making the claim?